Ticketing Nightmare


So, i booked a flight to tokyo, japan and it’s going to be such a looooong journey from where i am = a beautiful place with full of sun = the place where everybody will go surfing under perfectly clear blue sky so you’ll be likely get sunburnt in less than 10mins… I decided to have a stopover for relaxing my jet leg at seoul, korea.

( Stop trying to pretend to be someone cool Caroshi! Just Admit it that you are cheap! )

No! I wouldn’t say that I am a cheap person but frugal I am. See, i want to save every bit of money on my travelling expenses. The money i want to really spend on is heavily relies on actual shopping and eating out at the destination.

I’m not rich person so even though, i know how unpleasant and uncomfortable my 12 hours of long distance journey will be on an economy class of airline and how much it will hurt my leg and back, as it will never be allow to stretch out freely while sitting in a cramped chair.
I can’t simply afford a business class. Therefore i looked at number of travel sites and rang couple of travel agencies to find me a better deal to get to tokyo.

And voila!

I found a ticket which has a stopover at korea and departing japan on the other day and airline will supply my transit hotel to stay overnight for free. All this for $1200 inc return ticket. You might say what the! That’s not cheap at all! But it is. Believe me, all the other places are offering $1600 or more. And you need to think about where i am coming from.

Can you figure that out?
Okay i will give u another hint again.

Hugh Jackman.

Are you thinking what im thinking about what you’ll be likely thinking?unless you figured out where i’m based at?

If the first thing that you got crossed in your mind is wolverine, you and i are likely in same generation (yay!)

and you thought about 24601,
you just became my best friend. Mate!


So i found a best possible deal out there for me and one of my biggest expense has been spend on already before actually leaving this country and stepping on a sakura soil.

* first image credit to Youichi Kosio of flickr
** second image credit to Alice of Tumblr


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