Farewells and D-day : fly off

It’s been hectic days before my departure.

(So excuse me, for no post last week. I know I only started this blog and I should post often to attract follow bloggers to visit here. And also bare with me for no pics and spelling/grammar for this post. I’m writing this on my mobile device at the airport waiting for my gate to open.)

Anyways, back to the subject; I had quite number of farewell dinner and lunches with my friends and families.
I didn’t quiet expected these farewells from them since i’m only going away for two months.

But it always happened like this:

Me: i’ll be going away for holiday soon

Friends: oh yeah! Where’re you going to?

M: to japan

Friends: cool. Get me a sushi keyring when u get back

M: nah, No room for my luggage. Get your sushi from ebay

Friends: (groan) so how long you gonna be away for?

M: bout 2month

F: holy cow we should have dinner before you took off

M: oh ok

So i had these conversations and similar ones with ppl asking for bring in kimono, japanese sweets, cosmetics etc for them from my trip. (All ended up groan soon after i told them about no space for my luggage.)

But I’m so grateful for having these friends and family who understand about my selfism and still throw farewells for me.

And during dinner or lunch with them, they became surprised again after i told them i’ll be traveling alone. And i assure them by telling my relatives are in Korea and japan so most of my accommodation are covered and few of my friends are in both of these countries so i won’t be too lonely. (So, I shouldn’t say that I’ll be travelling alone?)

Now I’m at the airport and waiting for my gate 56 to open. There’s been a delay so i need to wait for 2 more hours. It’s going to be long wait since I don’t have someone near me to chat to. But airlines gave me a meal voucher to shut me up so I’m half ok.