Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog.

This blog is all about capturing delightful moments in my everyday life and recording travel experiences.

So you might say, it is more like a personal diary in a world wide web where everyone can read and comment on the things which may or may not relevant to them.

But, this notion of blogging is what makes it so popular in this early 21st century’s internet trend.

Almost everyone in your life shares their everyday life by posting on their walls, tweeting on what happens around and uploading their cute sweets and food on instagram..

So by all this reasons, I wanted to do that too. Sick of posting all those things in all different places, so I created this blog to share my life to total strangers who will more likely criticise harshly than my friends and families.

Therefore, I am ready y’all.

Bring it on!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. hi..i followed ur blog. mind to follow me back ? (:
    my blog also simply about my daily life, experiences, my favourite, etc xD but i’d like to be friends here if u want ><


    1. Sure, It’s always good to build up more friends in blog life. right?
      Can I ask you how did you find my blog in the first place? I’m new to this blog world and eager to learn how these people actually found my blog.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yeap..hope we can be a good friends then 🙂

        i saw ur blog link on one of the posts from a blogger that i’ve followed (Opinionated Man, u know ?)
        but other people also can find ur blog from the newsfeed in WordPress. once people followed u, their followers also can see ur blog in the option blog “You May Like”, or from the similiar interest.

        btw im sorry if u’re confused with my explanation xD and welcome to here. im actually also a-not-really-new member in WordPress 😀


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