Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.

Creating this blog and writing my first post is super exciting. I wanted to make this first post special but like all bloggers do, I will eventually regret this very first post and maybe want to delete this later on since there’s nothing unique or special about this first post. But, I promise that I will not delete this… because it shows how unprepared I am to write this.

So what’s my motif to do blogging? check out on this. <- It will pretty much tells why I created this blog.

As being a latecomer for this blogging industry… oh wait is that right way to say that? blogging industry? hmm… anyways..

I’ve seen and visited many other sites and learnt that I need to make my post unique and interesting otherwise, it will just be a monologue no one even cares.

I’ve looked at how to make a successful blog site and one of its great tip was to use an image to convey my purpose.

So, here is the image for all of you.

You see, you just found a little smile on you right now. Don’t deny it.

So there, my purpose of this first post is to make you and viewers to have a little smile by reading this.

(and I purposely linked a cat picture I found from pinterest since, the web is designed for sharing cat pictures by the founder of WWW..and research shows that cat picture is the most sharing content in the web which will definitely make my blog popular right?)

For my next post, It will probably be about my preparation for my journey to Japan. (only two weeks to go! yay!)